Wardman Park News | About the Project
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About the Project

Our ideas give precedence to connectivity – integrating residents, green space, and historic features with exciting new open spaces that will be a central gathering place for the community.


Our project in Wardman Park envisions a new residential building on the north lawn of the site to satisfy a high demand for housing in the community. In addition, JBG plans to transition the current, privately owned open space into an improved permanent public park. While we had originally planned to pursue a master plan for the entirety of the site, we are now withdrawing that application after receiving feedback  from the community and Office of Planning.


Staying true to Wardman Park’s residential character and embracing the community’s unmatched transit opportunities, our development plan will continue to improve accessibility, walkability and overall quality of life.


Our Planning Goals

  • Provide a public access easement in order to convert the current private green space along Woodley Road into a public park in perpetuity.
  • Provide a cohesive architectural vision that reflects and complements the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Create a central gathering point for the community.

Who We Are

For over 50 years, JBG has implemented a local approach to investment and development in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, making the character of our communities the centerpiece of growth. We prioritize development that upholds the specific nature and needs of a community. Above all else, our projects are socially driven, aiming to improve our communities while preserving our environment and conserving our resources.

We’ve worked in the district and in Woodley Park for years to ensure that the communities reach their full potential and match the needs of local residents.

Our award-winning work in Washington, D.C., and our history in Woodley Park specifically, serve as an example of responsible, community-based development. We look forward to continuing to make D.C. communities better places for D.C. residents.

To learn more about JBG, please visit www.JBG.com.

Presentations & Resources

WPCA Presentation – 13 April 2016

PUD – Consolidated – 23 June 2016


Site Plan & Renderings

PUD – Stage 1 – 23 June 2016

Application (Withdrawn)

Site Plan & Renderings (Withdrawn)